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Welcome to Carrara UNESCO city for the Creativity in Marble Crafts

Ciao, I am Umberto Cattani owner of CTTours and for 19 years I’ve been doing the tourist guide in Carrara and its province, this is my full-time occupation that I do with commitment and passion. I work either for groups and individuals providing guided tours even in Cinque Terre and Florence. Read moreā€¦

Carrara and the marble civilization

The ancient Romans discovered 2,000 years ago the presence of this white and shiny stone in the mountains we now call the Apuan Alps.
Rome, the imperial capital, was rebuilt using the white marbles that thousands of slaves dug, worked and transported to these mountains.
After centuries of disruption, the extraction and processing of Carrara marble resumed in the Middle Ages thanks to the rich cities of the time such as Genoa, Pisa, Lucca, Florence, the Rome of the Popes increased the demand and in the following centuries the Great European kingdoms first, then America and nowadays India, China are countries where Carrara marble is exported raw and manufactured.

Throughout the centuries, Artists such as Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, Donatello, Michelangelo, Bernini and with their generations of sculptors, architects, artisans used and used Carrara marbles to make statues, embellish churches, palaces and cities, making Carrara marble the most famous marble world.

If you want to learn how to recognize Carrara marble in your city, read here and when you find it, please send me a picture!

Tourist Services for individuals, groups, travel agents and T.O.

Tourist Information

Here you will find all the useful information about how to reach Carrara, tours of the marble quarries, what are the typical products, where tasting them and learn about its territory.
In the tourist information page you will also find free itineraries to visit the marble and Carrara quarries in freedom with your car, camper, motorcycle. Read more…

Tourist guides

Tourist guide services in Carrara marble quarries, guided walks of Carrara town center and of the marble workshops. Guided tours of Pontremoli and castles of Lunigiana, tourist guide to Massa historic center. Private tours in the Cinque Terre, Florence and Tuscany. Read more…

Tours by bus

If you are a large group of tourists traveling with their own bus, you are welcome! Would like to visit the marble quarries by coach? No problems, just pay attention to size of the bus, read carefully the itineraries in the dedicate page and if you want follow my advices. Read more….

Tours by minivan

Here you will find the Carrara marble quarries tours suitable for individuals and small groups. The visit take place in a minivan with a private English-speaking driver and, according to your wishes, it may include: the marble quarries, the sculpture workshops, Carrara historical center and Colonnata with its famous lard. Read more…

Tours and guided walks in the surroundings

Amazing places that you find near Carrara and that you can match with Carrara during your stay or during a transfer tour.