Carrara marble quarries individuals
By: umberto On: 20 March 2019 In: Itineraries Comments: 0

Minivan private tours to the marble quarries for individuals and small groups of tourists.

Excursions for individuals, small groups, families to the Carrara marble quarries and to discover the world of marble.

In addition to the most largest marble quarries in the world, our itineraries also include guided tours of the UNESCO city of Carrara for creativity, of sculpture workshops where marble craftsmen can be seen at work, of Colonnata famous for its pig’s back-fat, and of experts special visits to sawmills and laboratories where floors, coverings, kitchen countertops and much more are produced.

The drivers who will accompany you are all in accordance with the current safety regulations and are also authorized guides of the territory and will be able to tell you the history, uses and customs of this people that for 2000 have been excavating and manufacturing marble.

CTTurs joined the Travel Safely Project with NCC drivers.

Any time you hire a chauffeur service (rented vehicle with driver) remember to check that they are an authorized N.C.C. (Noleggio Con Conducente).

An authentic N.C.C. will bear a distinctive plaque on the rear bumper of the vehicle, bearing the number of their license and the name of the municipality that granted it, and will display the initials “N.C.C.” in the windshield……….READ MORE