Carrara marble quarries for children

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Are there any children oriented activities in Carrara?
What experiences are suitable for children during a tour of the Carrara marble quarries?

When we go on vacation with the whole family, it’s not easy to find activities, excursions, experiences that can combine the tastes of parents and children.
Here you will find a series of family oriented free and paid proposals to spend a pleasant day in Carrara and its marble quarries doing interesting and engaging activities for the whole family.

In my previous posts I talked about how to get to Carrara and what are the 5 free things to do at the Carrara marble quarries in one day.
Here below find some proposals of tours and activities suitable for both adults and children, some of these are free, others for a fee.

Carrara marble quarries in 4×4

carrara marble quarries for children, private tour in minivan or land rover.

This is a family oriented experience that pleases both children and their parents, because it combines a part of historical and technical information on the excavation of marble, with breathtaking views and allows you (from a safe spot) to watch the marble quarries full activity on work days and often even on Saturday morning. There are the marble cutting machines, huge excavators that load on trucks the marble blocks and, if you are lucky, you can also watch when a huge block is detached from the mountain, see photo below.
You can choose between two options: sharing the tour with other people (duration approx 1 hour) or make it private with your own driver-guide (duration approx 2/2,5 hours).

cave di marmo di carrara per bambini, distacco di un blocco di marmo dalla montagna.

Carrara marble quarries hiking tours

carrara marble quarries for children, trekking tours in the mountains surrounding carrara, trekkers on the mountain top.

The Carrara marble quarries are located in the Apuan Alps mountain range, a fantastic area for those who love outdoor activities and hiking. There are dozens of paths that climb from Carrara to the highest peaks, pass through ancient villages and wind around (without entering) the areas where marble is excavated.
Here you find a list of excursions that you can do on your behalf, the length, the height difference and the degree of difficulty are indicated for each route.
Alternatively you can choose to book a guided tour of ours, in particular the one that takes you to see the famous Mural of Kobra: the face of Michelangelo’s David painted on the coast of the marble mountain.
NOTICE, remember that the Apuan Alps are dangerous mountains, the paths are tough and must always be faced by wearing comfortable clothing, hiking boots, carrying water and in good physical conditions.

Carrara marble quarries e-bike tour

carrara for children bike tour of the marble quarries.

The territory of Carrara is really suitable for cycling, in fact it is possible to pedal in relaxation along the coast of Versilia as far as to Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio, or enjoy the gentle rolling hills of Luni and of the Gulf of Poets or, for those who love sweat and fatigue, there are the peaks of the Apuan Alps that offer unique panoramas and several routes for bike lovers.
Here you find some family oriented interesting proposals, if you do not have your own bicycle, you will be provided with a bike or an e-bike for hire.
The bicycle tour to the marble quarries is a special experience, which takes usually place with an e-bike due to the steep climbs to face and includes the visiting of the marble valleys, a quick stop in Colonnata (old quarrymen village) for a snack and, a ride through the historic center of Carrara always accompanied by your private cycling guide.

Be Michelangelo for 3 hours, marble sculpting class

carrara marble quarries for children, family of 4 people during their sculpting experience.

Carrara marble is the perfect stone for the sculptures, throughout the centuries such great artists like Donatello, Michelangelo, Bernini, Canova and many others contemporary artists, have used and keep on using this shiny white stone to carve the masterpieces that we admire in the most famous museums worldwide.
The Learning of marble sculpting takes years of study and practice, but nobody forbids trying for a few hours, I assure you that using a hammer and chisel to create small marble works is something to try at least once in a lifetime, an unforgettable and fun experience to share with your children.
The sculpting experience takes place in an authentic marble workshop, under the guidance of an expert artisan who explains how to use properly tools for sculpting marble.
Here you find all the information if you aim to “Be Michelangelo for a day” !!!

Cosa mangiare a Carrara

Eating in the Carrara marble quarries something tasty for cchildren.

This is mostly dedicated to what you could eat as a snack, something local, quick, tasty and that kids like eating. This in the picture of the famous Lardo di Colonnata (pork’s cured back-fat), it is a unique specialty that maybe attracts more adults than children, keep in mind that in the village in Colonnata, in addition to some good restaurants, there are some larderies (food shops where you can seat and eat a snack lunch) that offer tasty snacks local platters of cold cuts and cheeses, vegetable tarts accompanied by sgabei (fried pizza dough) that children really love!
Another local specialty always good for a snack, is the farinata (cheek-pee flan), they sell it in the pizzerias of Carrara old town, served by the slice or as filling of the focaccia.
Everywhere in Carrara old town there are good gelato shops where experience the smoothness of the ice cream Italian style.